“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.” Sydney J. Harris

I grew up a misfit, but not the traditional kind of misfit; I had parents who expressed contempt for education, while I embarrassed them to some degree by binging on learning every chance I got. Having educated myself out of a life of turmoil that threatened to hold me back, I believe strongly in the concept of education as the great equalizer. Education offers the chance to connect with the world beyond our immediate experience, opening the windows of opportunity.

I believe that the most important aspect of education is the process. Because of this, I believe that schools should help all stakeholders engage deeply in many kinds of learning and teaching, and that understanding one’s own learning process takes a student farther than any individual course or classroom experience. I know first-hand that learners thrive when they can leverage their strengths and interests to meet their challenges, and when they have a sense of self-direction. I believe that tools, including technology, play a significant role in empowering learners. Like education itself, technology serves as an equalizer. I believe that schools have an obligation to help students achieve many kinds of literacy, including mathematical, scientific, digital, information, and creative literacies. As an educator, I strive to foster purposeful, meaningful, rigorous and active learning, not just to prepare students for college and career, but to prepare them for life. Whether working with children, leading professional development workshops, or providing parent education, my responsibility is to understand the learners with whom I work, and the context in which they learn, so that I can present them with appropriate, engaging goals and challenges. I understand that education is both an art and a science, requiring keen focus on the mission and vision of the school, with attention to both cognitive and noncognitive development.
Few things have made the kind of impact on my life that teaching has made. Nothing, however, comes close to the impact that learning makes. As a school leader, my philosophy of education derives from my passion to open more windows, as well as more doors, for all the members of my learning community.