Do you ever have a thought that connects tangentially to another, and so on, until you wind up some place surprising?

All the time, right? Me too. And thus this blog is born!

You see, my identity as an educator is deeply connected to my identity as a learner. I was discussing this with a colleague at a conference I attended last week, and we discussed our similar philosophies about teaching and learning. As we talked, I realized that my personal philosophy of education, a document I wrote as an assignment for my studies at Johns Hopkins last year, ought to be a living document, not one that sits stagnant in a Google Doc. I started thinking about that. Where should I put it? I should hang it on my wall to inspire me. I should hang it on my door to promote conversation about it with others. I should listen to something George Couros said to me at ISTE last year. I should listen to what George wrote on his blog* I should blog! Tangential, but I ended up some place important. I ended up here, with this new blog.

I’m starting by posting my philosophy where anyone can read it and start a conversation with me, whether or not they pass my office door. I hope YOU will. I look forward to seeing where else this blog takes me, as I reflect on my practice, what I read, and what I observe. If you share your comments with me, together we can open more windows into learning.

*George Couros wrote: “I have been a big advocate of blogging for teachers, but not until I started doing it myself. ¬†Personally, I realized that the time I take to sit down and reflect on what I do, what I read, or what I observe has really helped my own path as an educator and an administrator.”